Corporate Photographer

As a Professional Corporate Photographer, I find that it is essential to listen to each business’s individual Commercial Photography needs.  I understand how important it is for your website and publications to communicate your professionalism to your clients. Corporate Photography includes Commercial and Event photography.  Having photographs of your employees on your website gives a the client a face to relate to. Seeing a face of who they will be working with instils trust. For Traditional Corporate Head shots I use lighting, a background to give a more studio photography feel. This is a mobile set up which I would bring to your office. Alternatively a more relaxed photograph can be taken with or without lighting. As well as Head Shots,  I also cover Conference and Event photography. You would commission me per day or however long the event lasted. I would have a list of your must have shots and then I would take spontaneous shots of what ever I thought summed up the event. This could be of event stands, speakers, the award ceremony, the social event, general photographs of people interacting.  Please see examples below of this.

Head Shots

Latham & Watkins

Latham & Watkins – Head Shot

Conference Photography