10 Ways to get your guests dancing at your wedding.

Get Down!


For me the DJ playing some soul, rock and a bit of cheese would do it, but I know there are a lot harder crowds to please out there. The key is getting everyone in a partying mood. To help I have compiled a list of 10 ways to get your guests dancing at your wedding. All Photographs were taken by Free Spirit Photography. Book me as you wedding photographer.

1. Organize a big group photo on the dance floor

Just After the first dance ask the DJ to make an announcement for everyone to come on the dance floor for a group photo. Then after the photos have been taken, the DJ will play a kickass tune. This is a great way to get a big group photo shot of all your evening guests too.

2. Hire a Ceilidh band

This is a mix of Scottish, Irish and English folk music. Its a traditional dance were everyone joins in. A Caller will give instructions on what dance moves to do as you go. You don’t need experience as they are simple steps, so most people can do this. There will be some slow paced Ceilidh dancing and some really fast too, so gets quite messy and exciting! In the photos below at this particular Ceilidh games were played, so for example when the music stops the boys have to do 10 press ups. I wanted to stop taking photos and join in as it looked so much fun.

3. Hire a Second Lining band

Second Lining is a New Orleans style band. You follow the band around as they move about playing. This Second Lining band that features in the photographs below, were called Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. The photographs were taken at constellations in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. The band were uniformed and playing upbeat dance tracks that most people know and love. They got everyone dancing straight away, young and old. The energy was really high. They weaved there way into the crowd playing their music. The crowd followed them through the venue and into the street dancing and singing. This has got to be one of the best wedding entertainment I’ve seen.

4. Find out your guests favourite tunes

When sending out your Wedding R.S.V.P’ s ask every guest what song would get them on the dance floor and ask the DJ to play the list your guests have requested.

5. Announce a dance off

A dance off has been done at many weddings. Sometimes people just gather in a circle and one by one a guest enters the circle and shows off their cool dance moves, or not so cool dance moves. Its all part of the fun though. A dance off could be two groups maybe the grooms side and Brides side or girls versus boys ect. Here are some photos from a dance off at a wedding.

6. Get Creative with your 1st Wedding Dance

Perform a surprise well choreographed bride and groom first dance. Start will a normal expected ballroom dance and then snap into something a bit more upbeat. Get professional lessons, so that you can impress your guests. Have your DJ play really cool tunes so that your guests will want to get up and dance with you afterwards.

7. Hire a flash mob

Hire a dance troupe to dress like a guest at your wedding, and then all of a sudden during the night just break into dance. This could be on the dance floor or among your guests while they are mingling. They usually perform a mix of various dances, but all at a professional standard and with a wow factor. Your guests won’t know what to make of it until they click. The dance troup could even get your guests up to dance.

8. Hire a party or Event band

Hire a party or an event band. You can either contact one via their website or you can find them through Event agencies. This band below are called “The Big Beat” They are one of the best party bands I’ve seen yet. Hosting their own evenings as well as other peoples events they are very popular. The crowds they pull in are any age between 18 and 80. They are just so funky they get everyone up and dancing. This is the type of band you want at your wedding.

The Big Beat

The Big Beat

10 ways to get your guests dancing at your wedding

10 ways to get your guests dancing at your wedding

The Big Beat

9. Give out lots of dressing up accessories.

Have a 60’s, 70’s and 80’s hour. Hand out dressing up accessories like funny glasses, wigs, feather bowers ect.. for each genre, and I bet your guests will be not be able to help themselves. They will be up on the dance floor wanting to show off there funky moves and new look.

10. Dance performance/ instruction

Why not hire a belly dance, Bollywood, flamenco or a salsa troupe to do a performance and then give lessons to all your guests afterwards. This is a definite way to get your guests on the dance floor and they may learn some new moves too.

Festival Wedding

Why not make your whole day about entertainment and have a Festival Wedding. If you are the type of person who has lots of friends who are in bands and who are talented of course,why not ask them to perform on your wedding day. This could even be as a wedding gift.

And Finally. If your guests see you getting up to dance and enjoying yourself. It will be infectious. They will want to join you. Most people want to get up and dance for at least one song, they just need a bit of encouragement. Go around and pull some of them on to the dance floor with you. Ask your bridesmaids and grooms men to help.

I hope I’ve given you some great ideas to get you started in planning your evening reception. Why not recommend to your friends my blog on 10 ways to get your guests dancing at your wedding.

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