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This is a list of 10 ways to woo your bride.

This is a list of 10 WAYS TO WOO YOUR BRIDE, however this could apply to your groom as well. This list is just a brainstorm of what I think would be nice, however you know what is right for your partner and my intention is to just get you thinking and give you some ideas. The key to making your other half happy is to be thoughtful, have lots of fun and make some lovely memories.

Its not only the wedding day that’s important

The run up to the wedding is also important. Let your partner know that you are interested in the wedding planning and that you would like to be a part of that. Grooms often organise the wedding photographer, the band or evening entertainment, however you could always give the seating arrangements and favours ago too. Take a bit of pressure off your partner. Letting her know that you want to be a part of the planning process will go along way. Show that you are excited about your wedding day and that you can’t wait to marry her.

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10 ways to woo your bride
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1. Send her flowers

It is fairly common for the groom to send the bride a bouquet as a gift on the morning of the wedding day. If you are going to send a bouquet, Be sure to know what her favourite flowers are, and order them to be delivered during her bridal preparations. You could go one step further and order a bunch for her mother too. That will really pull some heart strings. The beautiful Flowers below are from Acer florist in Helsby

2. Organise breakfast & A Massage Therapist

Find out when her bridal preparations start and organise a breakfast to be served, or have one delivered just before anyone starts to get ready. The breakfast could be organised in the hotel restaurant in a private area and you could have a Massage Therapist offering her and her bridesmaids a head and shoulder massage. This could also be organised in her room at the hotel. Contact a professional Cheshire/Manchester Massage Therapist at the Woodley Massage Practice.

If she is getting ready at home you could find a patisserie that makes heart shaped pastries or does something a little bit special for that type of occasion. You could even make her some muffins yourself and have your best man deliver them for you.

3. Buy her a gift

Wedding perfume

4. Write her a letter

Other ways to woo your bride would be to write her a letter or a romantic funny note. This could be a simple hand written letter or just a few words to let her know you are thinking of her. There are many ways you can do this. You can have the letter delivered to her in the morning when she is getting ready. You could stick it to her mirror that she will be using that morning, or attach it somewhere like the bathroom cabinet next to her toothbrush, where you know she will find it. Have it sown inside her bag, written on her shoes or engraved on your wedding rings. The idea here is not just to write a lovely letter, but to have the element of surprise and to show that you have put extra thought into it.

5. Make sure you look like you’ve made an effort.

This may go without saying, but some groom’s think they just have to put a nice suit on and have a haircut. If you are going to have a a bit of stubble or a beard or goatee. Make sure you time how long after shaving or trimming it gets to the length you want it. Get your nose hair and eyebrows trimmed. Why don’t you treat yourself to a hand massage and manicure. Get a face massage to give you a bit of a glow and have some lovely smelling scents on your skin. Wear your best aftershave. Smell good and feel good. Your bride will really notice this.

6. Take some time to yourselves

After your ceremony and group photos, Ask your bride if she would like to get away from the crowd for a bit of alone time. Get your photographer to come along and photograph you too spending time together. During this time you will have lots of photographs taken of just the two of you, but it also gives you time to bond and think about the commitment you have just made to each other and to actually take this in. Your bride will really appreciate that you are making an effort to have your photographs taken.

Chester wedding photographer
Chester wedding photographer

7. Add some fun to the day

Have a smoke bomb photo shoot either with you and your bride, or with the bridal party or just have some fun group photographs taken. Buy some space hoppers and have space hopper races. Hire fire performers or a bouncy castle. Your bride will probably be a little stressed, so including lots of fun things on your wedding day will help everyone to just chill out and enjoy.

Chester Wedding Photographer
Chester Wedding Photographer
Chester Wedding Photographer
Chester Wedding Photographer

8. Learn how to dance

Surprise your bride with your new dance steps. Go to dance lessons and learn how to Waltz or another dance that you prefer. Then work those moves on your 1st dance together. She will be swept off her feet. There is quite a few schools offering wedding dance lessons. You could ask her if she would like to come to the dance lessons with you and you could learn a dance together to surprise your guests. This could be quite romantic and exciting for both of you in the lead up to your wedding day.

Chester Wedding Photographer
This is a list of 10 WAYS TO WOO YOUR BRIDE

9. Have some Romantic Photographs taken at sunset.

In the evening half an hour before sunset request some sunset photographs from the photographer. Having sunset photographs will depend on what time of year it is and when you have your speeches. For instance if you get married in January, February, the beginning of March and October, the chances are your breakfast/speeches will be at the same time as the sunset. That is if your breakfast is from 4pm-6.30pm. Also a beautiful sunset will depend on the weather. Some couples may find a snowy or rainy photograph more romantic.

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chester wedding photographer

10. Arrange Surprise Fireworks

End the evening with a bang. Arrange a firework show. get sparklers for all the guests and party till your feet drop off.

chester wedding photographer
Please feel free to comment or add your own tips below. xx
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