Nicki & Kieran’s wedding at the Forest Hills Hotel

Here are some photos taken of Nicki & Kieran’s wedding at the Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham, Cheshire.

The weather was really sunny and views were clear. This was a great day to photograph the wedding couple on the hilltop at the back of the Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham Cheshire. Nicki and Kieran were very relaxed and comfortable with each other.  I always say that if you try to focus on each other more than on the photographer or camera, then you will be able to relax more easily. I often ask couples to show me how they would normally hold each other or hold hands so that I can see how they feel more comfortable with each other. Then I may make some adjustments or I will just start shooting and let the couple do what feels more natural. In some cases I am asked what should we do know? I then throw in some poses and see how they get on with them. The Forest Hills Hotel is a popular Wedding Venue as the venue is surrounded by lovely scenery. For more photographs of this venue see other stories in my Blog.

foresthills wedding-001

foresthills wedding-009

foresthills wedding-008

foresthills wedding-007

foresthills wedding-005

foresthills wedding-010

foresthills wedding-004

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