Chester Town Hall wedding

The wedding of Charlotte and Billy was at Chester Town Hall wedding. I loved everything about this wedding from the lovely couple who were getting married, the hair and make up, the dresses and suits. The venue was stunning and such a treat to photograph. The staff at Chester Town Hall were really accommodating. The Best man was the best we have ever had for being helpful, really nice guy. The Bridesmaids were lovely. There was a lot of emotion that day and you could see how much everyone was so happy for Billy and Charlotte. They are truly a unique couple. The Ceremony was touching and full of emotion. The registrars were the nicest Registrars I have met. You could see that they really love their work. The food which I had the pleasure of tasting was delicious. The flowers and the cake amongst other things were home made, and were amazing. The highlight of the day other than the ceremony, I have to say Was the dance off. Everyone was really spontaneous and really got into it. I have chosen my favourite photos from the day.

Chester_town_hallChester_town_hall_weddingwedding photographer chesterChester_town_hall_004Chester_town_hall_005Chester_town_hall_006Chester_town_hall_007Chester_town_hall_008Chester_town_hall_009Chester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hallChester_town_hall_012Chester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hallChester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hall_016Chester_town_hall_017Chester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hall_020Chester_town_hall_021Chester_town_hall_022Chester_town_hall_023wedding photographer chesterChester_town_hall_025Chester_town_hall_026wedding photography chesterChester_town_hall_028Chester_town_hallChester_town_hall_030Chester_town_hall_weddingwedding photographer Chester_town_hallChester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hall_034Chester_town_hall_035wedding photographer chesterwedding photographer chesterChester_town_hall_weddingchester wedding photographerChester_town_hall_weddingChester_town_hall_041Chester_town_hallChester_town_hall_weddingwedding photographer at chester town hallChester_town_hall_045Chester_town_hall_046Chester weddingsChester_town_hall_048chester weddingschester weddingsgetting married in chesterchester weddingsChester_town_hall_053Chester_photographerChester_town_hall_055Chester_town_hall_056Chester_town_hall_057Chester_town_hall_058Chester_town_hall_059Chester_town_hall_060Chester_town_hall_061

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