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Hi I’m Vickie, a Cheshire based Wedding Photographer, Living just outside Chester I am on the doorstep of The Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, Shropshire and North Wales areas. I am however, more than happy travel anywhere in the UK to photograph your wedding day. Cheshire has many wonderful wedding venues and such beautiful landscapes. As a wedding photographer I am lucky to be based in Cheshire, but love to explore new venues and new places all over the UK.

About Me

I’m a bit of a Hippie at heart. Being a creative I adore anything that you can see a person has personalized and put their heart into. That’s why I love weddings. These days the hand made look is very fashionable. Many bride and Grooms like to add a few DIY touches to their wedding, weather it be their Favours, Wedding cake or room Decorations. I’m a big fan of a Whimsical, Boho or Alfresco weddings, with lots of flowers, colour and rusticity. I think a touch or much of this style can work well at any wedding. I love being able to take a few creative shots on a wedding day. This just adds something a little different to a couples wedding photos.

At home and where my heart is I am a family person, I have a beautiful husband and 5 year old, who keep me on my toes out of trouble. However If I was being naughty and getting myself into trouble where would I be? Probably on a dance floor head banging to Queens of Stone Age, so not that bad really. I just like to go Wild once in while.

Vibrant, Colourful & Energising



Cheshire-Wedding Photographer

I am very proud of my photographic style . Over the years through trend and technical development my style has gone through changes. Today my style encompasses heaps of Vibrancy, Colour and Energy. Take a look at my Wedding Gallery for more examples of my work.

I love being asked to photograph a wedding when I know its going to be a great celebration. The best wedding to photograph would be one with lots of interesting characters, and of course a crazy good party to end the night! If I was asked what was my main focuses on a wedding day. I would say Story, Emotion, Energy and creativity.

Heart filled Photographs

On your wedding day I will be looking for spontaneous moments, the laughter and raw emotion as I believe that’s were the magic happens. I want to capture your day as it unfolds and tell your story naturally. I am professional and I have over 10 years wedding photography experience. For the most part, I will taking photographs in a documentary style. This means that the photographs will be natural. Having fun should be part of your wedding day. It is integral to story telling that the images taken are true to the individuals and their relationship.


Creative, Artistic and beautiful portraits

During your wedding day there will be a part of the day where we will get a chance to take your couple portraits. I will offer some guided posing, but will mainly just be capturing you naturally loved up. If I get the chance and your wedding venue shows potential then I will try and create a beautiful artistic photographs like the ones below and in my wedding gallery.


Final Note-Importance of Wedding Photography

I love the way a photograph can take you back to a significant moment in time. That moment can bring back lots of feelings and emotions. I view the use of Photography as being detrimental in life, especially when documenting moments in time that shouldn’t be forgotten. On a more personal level an image of a loved one helps you hold on to those memory’s of how important that person was to you, and the joyous moments you spent with them. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. In my opinion that should be documented. Taking photographs is a natural way for me to express myself. Photography is a device that I can use to document all those things that inspire me. And in turn, makes me want to express myself.