Mother & Daughter Flower Crown Photoshoot

Flower Crown photoshoot

Flower Crown Inspiration

This Mother & Daughter Flower Crown Photoshoot idea was born out of a desire to have a photoshoot with my beautiful daughter. I wanted to celebrate the bond we share together. My husband kindly took the photos on this shoot. My daughter is only three and half, so our relationship is built on love, laughter, trust, and of course Ice cream. I know our relationship will change as she gets older but I hope that we will remain this close.



I never envisaged how hard motherhood could be, and equally could not of imagined how joyful it would be. Children are so interesting, inspiring and creative. You wonder how they get their original, wonderful ideas. They encourage you to let go of your inhibitions and enjoy being silly with them. I am amazed at how fast their brains develop and how much they learn in such a short amount of time. They delight you with their new findings and knowledge, and you just glow with pride.


Mother & Daughter Photographs

I would like to have a photoshoot with my daughter every year to show our growing relationship. I love looking back on old photographs and reminiscing, and I hope that she will enjoy looking back and reminiscing with me. A Mother & Daughter photoshoot is my gift to myself for Mothers day. I can't wait to get one of these printed and to put it up on my wall. I will have trouble choosing which one I think.

Are Flower Crowns just for weddings?


Flower Crowns are very 2021 and In Trend with Weddings. People are signing on to Flower Crown Workshops and having Flower Crown Party's in a desire to learn how to make their Own original.


Flower crowns were hugely popular in the late 1960's as part of the flower power era. I love anything that is in a Hippie/Rock/Alternative style. Not only are Flower crowns worn at weddings,but also at outdoor festivals, now on a Mother & Daughter Photoshoot.







Being a Mother & A Photographer


Just because I am a photographer doesn't mean that my daughter willing poses for the camera. No! You have to think of ways to make children react and smile, play games, sing rhymes and be silly. My daughter got bored at this stage so I went along with her flow.


She got bored at this stage so I went along with her flow.


"I am a Princess not because I have a Prince, but because my mother is the Queen."unknown quote

Flower Crown Dress Up


What really works in a Mother & Daughter photoshoot is if both are wearing something similar. Mother & Daughter both wearing a flower crown looks playful and has a theme of dress up. I think Flower Crowns are beautiful. Wearing an item that is part of nature seams to really work with the nurturing theme.


Did you wear a flower Crown for your wedding day? Do you still have it? Why not use it for a Flower crown Shoot with your daughter. Just a thought!