I am so happy with these sunset and firework shots that I took at the Forest Hills Hotel Frodsham. Scroll down to see.

Gary & Helen’s Wedding Reception

It was Gary and Helen’s wedding reception. The Evening was so lovely with lots of happy faces and good entertainment. The reception took place in the hotels restaurant. This was a great choice as the restaurant looks on to the views of the Mersey Estuary. The restaurant has big windows all the way round, and there is access onto the hill.

The Evening was very sunny and outside was so inviting. I took a few of the guests onto the hill for group shots. In between these group shots I was inside and out taking natural photographs of the bride and groom and guests mingling. I wanted to capture a real feel for the evening.

Golden Hour

As the Evening moved on to golden hour. The warm light crept into the restaurant. This sort of lighting gives a real moody feel to the images. Everyone was really getting into the live performance and starting to chill out.

Sunset Photographs

The sun started to go down and we were graced with a beautiful sunset. I quickly took the bride and groom outside to get some photographs. The sunset only lasts for about 20 minutes in its best form. Guests followed and I was able to get some of them too.

Chester Wedding Photographer
Sunset Photography


Sunset on Frodsham Hill


The firework show was a surprise for the groom. This was a lovely touch to the evening. You need to have a powerful firework show to get good firework photographs. The fireworks weren’t too far away, which was good as this can also contribute to the results of the photographs. The Forest Hills Hotel has a fair bit of land on the hilltop, so guests could stand quite far back.

I waited for the finale to capture the big outbursts and then just kept shooting. Taking firework photographs require technical knowledge and a bit of luck. I used off camera flash and a long exposure with the camera on a tripod. An average firework show at a wedding will last around 5 minutes, and that’s not a lot of time to get the shot right. I nailed these photographs, so I was very happy.

Forest Hills hotel frodsham
Wedding Fireworks
Bride and Groom watching Fireworks
Forest hills Hotel Frodsham
Black and white photograph of Fireworks
Free Spirit Photography
Free Spirit Photography

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This wedding reception took place at the Best Western Forest hills Hotel Frodsham.

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